sculptor at work

Steven Caza has been sculpting and painting for 30 years. Steve has a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Visual Arts. He operates a home improvement business which he started in 1986; the company employees 25 people. Steve and Anne have been raising a family of five children in a small rural village one hour south of Ottawa, ON, Canada. Steve offers his sculpting services and is willing to travel. For a professional portrait sculpture, contact him. Although he has a preference for live sittings, he also enjoys working from photographs and live internet.

portrait sculptures

Portrait SculpturesA typical sculpture requires two sittings of approximately 90 minutes each. Steve then completes the sculpture from photographs. Click here to see more of Steve’s sculptures.

The sculpture on the right was created 27 years ago of Ernie Morris who lived in a cabin without electricity. When Ernie showed the sculpture to his daughters for the first time, he commented about their positive reaction and said, “the only thing was–it didn’t talk!”


PaintingsSteve enjoys painting live subjects—including landscapes, portraits and flowers—and is also very skilled at working from photographs.

The painting on the right is from a picture he took in Brugge, Belgium.

Steve working on a sculpture of his son, Jérémie, in 2008.
(3 minute video)